Yes, Ener-C is proudly third party certified Non-GMO through NSF True North.
Yes, Ener-C is gluten free & processed in a dedicated gluten free facility however, it is not third party verified.
No, Ener-C does not contain or come in direct contact with nuts however, the facility is not dedicated nut free.
Ener-C is formulated as an adult dose as per Health Canada’s recommendations. Please contact your primary health care provider.
Ener-C contains 5 grams of non-GMO cane fructose. The cane fructose used in Ener-C is a monosaccaride derived from evaporated sugar cane. The cane fructose that Ener-C uses has a low glycemic impact on the body as opposed to the effects of the disaccharide (sucrose/fructose) found in High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Sugar plays a very important role in electrolyte production and is an integral component of Ener-C.
No. Your thyroid will only absorb as much iodine as it needs. The rest is flushed from your body. The key to iodine intake is that your thyroid does not discriminate between bad iodine and good iodine, that’s why it is important to supplement regularly with good forms of Iodine. Ener-C uses a sea brine form of iodine.
All animals produce Vitamin C in their bodies with the exception of human beings, Guinea Pigs, and a type of fruit bat. The animals that produce vitamin C produce it in the form of mineral ascorbate. The mineral ascorbates in Ener-C are better absorbed and tolerated by the body, so you don’t have to worry about any gastrointestinal upset and you get the full benefit from every pack.
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Our goal is to protect our environment and help save the planet. One of the reasons we started this company is that we are hopeful that people will start using less plastic bottles and use refreshing Ener-C, in their reusable containers. The only reason we use sachets as opposed to tubes for Ener-C is that Ener-C is hydroscopic which means it reacts with water and the moisture in the air, that’s why it fizzes. Any exposure to air will cause Ener-C to harden. The Ener-C sachets use material that has been through at least on recycling process and in some jurisdictions the packets can go into recycling. Please check with your garbage and recycling to see if our packets are available for recycling.